“neXus” is a 2,200 square-foot, state-of-the-art interactive innovation facility that highlights the work-in-progress of various document technologies by Xerox Corporation scientists worldwide.

Located at the Xerox Research Centre of Canada (XRCC) in Mississauga, Ontario, neXus gives visitors an exhilarating glimpse into the future of digital document technology through a series of interactive displays. The showcase demonstrates how innovative technological advances such as EA Technology are being implemented. It also encompasses other upstream innovations such as OLED screen displays and electronic paper that are planned for implementation.

The showcase, which is expected to draw visitors from across Canada and the U.S., is the first of its kind in North America, according to Rafik Loutfy, director of XRCC. Its theme is Innovation Implemented. “neXus is a two-way forum,” Loutfy said. “Xerox is displaying the latest advancements in digital document technology that will truly help our customers figure out how to plan and implement the future in their enterprises. At the same time, it allows Xerox to receive direct feedback from customers who visit the display areas.” Loutfy said that neXus allows Xerox customers to test upstream software and hardware business concepts, thereby providing a rare glance forward as technologies unfold. Their reactions to the concepts will further refine the ideas before they are considered for the market, he indicated.

Inspired by the company’s TeXnology Showroom at the Xerox Research Centre of Europe in Grenoble, France, the displays zero in on document software that promotes the management and use of enterprise-wide knowledge.

The technologies are grouped under the following themes: future office environments, knowledge solutions, visualization, and beyond paper and silicon. Special attention is devoted to so-called ubiquitous computing and mobile document technologies.

Visitors to neXus are expected to be current and future Xerox customers, although by special arrangement, other groups may be admitted.

For your invitation to join us in the exploration of innovation, call us today and we will arrange to accompany you to the next neXus event at the Xerox Research Centre of Canada.

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