Canadian Content

Canadian content is very important to our customers at AOS.  We thrive when it comes to providing unique Canadian Content in the technologies we provide to our customer base.  Perhaps most impressive is the Canadian content of our largest partner, Xerox Canada Ltd.
Canadian Sales Organization. Canadian Service Organization. Canadian Manufacturing Facilities.
Canadian Research & Development Laboratories.
Xerox practices great CANADIAN Corporate Citizenship.
For over five decades Xerox has been the only vendor in the office equipment industry committed to manufacturing and R&D investments in Canada. Founded in this country in 1953, Xerox employs more than 5,000 people in offices in every region of Canada.
The heart of Xerox Canada Ltd. is its 24-storey corporate headquarters in North York, Ontario. There the company connects to a national network of sales, service, research and manufacturing facilities across Canada.
The Xerox business philosophy, Leadership Through Quality, is uncompromising: to achieve the ultimate in customer satisfaction. The aim of every Xerox employee, every day, is to give customers what they need, when they need it; to have customers think of Xerox as a partner in their business; and to be easy to do business with.
Indicative of the success of the Leadership Through Quality process is the Gold Award For Quality, presented to Xerox in November, 1989, the first ever conferred in the federally sponsored Canada Awards For Business Excellence.In the ‘70s the company enhanced its commitment to Canada with the introduction of its Canadian Value Added program, established in partnership with the government of Canada, to export Canadian expertise worldwide.

Under this program, the Xerox equipment manufacturing centre in Mississauga, Ontario, employing over 400 people, has a world product mandate for copier handling devices. In addition, the Xerox Research Centre of Canada in the Sheridan Park Research Community, Mississauga, home to over 118 scientists and technologists, holds a world mandate for original and long-range scientific investigation of advanced materials that affect the reprographic process. And early in 1991 Xerox opened a state-of- the-art consumables plant in Oakville, Ontario, to manufacture toner and developers for future reprographic products for worldwide distribution.