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The Worlds Leading Technology to Stop Distracted Driving at Work.

At any given moment across America, approximately 660,000 drivers are using cell phones, or manipulating electronic devices while driving. Your drivers are 3 times more likely to crash when focusing on their phone.

Whether you provide devices to your employees, or they bring their own devices, your company is exposed to costs and legal consequences of a device distracted crash. Companies like yours are eliminating the consequences of employee device distraction with our solution.

–Our clients protect their employees, their companies, and their brands from inappropriate or unauthorized use of cell phones, laptops, tablets, and more while driving.

–Our clients are proactively addressing the impacts of negligent entrustment and vicarious liability when employees use mobile devices in the vehicle.

–Our clients are correctly adopting the benefits of mobile technology while balancing the productive use of devices against the behind the wheel risk consequences.

We Provide for a Safer Responsible Working World.

Introducing our Framework

CellControl is our platform for managing your policy and DriveID is our hardware module for enforcing it.

CellControl is an enterprise mobile policy enforcement technology for commercial vehicle operations. The solution directly integrates on multiple mobile communications devices such as mobile phones, laptops and handhelds, tablets and other mobile technologies. Policy maintenance and workgroup management is handled via a secure web-based portal accessible from anywhere, anytime.

Once your devices are protected with CellControl and vehicles equipped with the DriveID module, updates are managed and distributed across your fleet for active driver behavior monitoring and policy enforcement.


Platform Capabilities

Prevents mobile device-related distractions

–We enforce safe use of company or employee-owned mobile devices used in work vehicles.

–We do this by eliminating unauthorized use of phones, email, text and other applications while employees are driving

Makes policies easy to define, set up and manage

–After our DriveID hardware is installed and CellControl configured, it simply works. No hidden costs or fees—it does not require additional resources to manage.

Enables flexible rule definition

–Policy-setting software gives you plenty of choices, from complete device shutdown to targeted capabilities for specific users and devices.

Provides critical driving performance data

–Optional reporting service provides vehicle and driver performance statistics.

System Features Include:

–Driver Differentiation (Our technology knows who is driving and who is a passenger)

–Enterprise policy enforcement for workgroups across multiple devices

–Auditable compliance and traceable reporting

–Near-time alerts and customizable messaging

–Highly customizable – handsfree, “white list”, highway-mode, and 911 with callback, etc.

–Automated system updates and broadcast text alerts

Our  solution reduces crashes by disabling utilities on the mobile communications device while the vehicle is in motion. Drivers focus on driving by eliminating the manual, visual and cognitive distractions caused by mobile devices.driveid

Our DriveID hardware module is simple to activate and simple to administer. We deliver a “set it, and forget it” experience – once your mobile device policy is set, every device is held in compliance – every mile driven. You have the flexibility to adjust your policy to meet the balance between productivity needs and regulatory compliance at the fleet, region, branch, vehicle, and individual level. We deliver a platform comprised of three elements:

  1. Policy “triggering” technology for each employee driven vehicle
  2. Policy software for each employee mobile device
  3. Web-based management portal for policy administration, reporting, and exception management

The CellControl platform was created for companies of all sizes. The needs of small companies and the complexity of large enterprise was incorporated into platform design and the support infrastructure. CellControl is enterprise-grade and has the scalability, flexibility for company-specific policy configuration, and overall solution customization required to meet your needs.  Our Management Portal is easy to setup, simple to use. For advance users and/or enterprise requirements we support multiple reporting modes, including dashboard/first look, ad-hoc reporting along multiple variables and queries, pre-set or scheduled reporting delivered as directed and open APIs that are available to feed or receive data from third-party systems and/or enterprise applications. Several hardware options are available to meet various vehicle types

  • Installation takes less than a minute
  • Once installed, no driver interaction required.
  • Flexible policy configuration
  • Support for complex fleet hierarchy/breakdown/regions/divisions/branches

Each of our commercial fleet customers has unique needs. We welcome the opportunity to have a brief conversation and provide a customized solution for protecting your employees, and company, against the risk and consequences of mobile device distracted driving.