Distracted Driving – Family


Peace of Mind

When they are behind the wheel, our DriveID module ensures your teen stays focused on driving – not on their phone. Driving while mobile device distracted is reaching epidemic proportions. The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) statistics are scary:

  • Teens read or send text messages once a trip – 26 times more often than their parents think they do
  • 80% of young drivers think that texting makes no difference to their driving performance
  • 68% of young drivers 18 to 20 are willing to answer incoming phone calls on some, most, or all driving trips
  • 11% of all drivers under the age of 20 involved in fatal crashes were reported as distracted at the time of the crash.

Your family doesn’t need to be a statistic. With DriveID, you give your teen the freedom to drive and you know that they are not at risk for driving distraction. With DriveID, not only do you enforce your phone use expectations, you remove the chance that anyone can unintentionally distract your teen while they’re driving.


Why DriveID from AOS?

We make smart phones smarter and take away the temptation to text, email, or play a game on a mobile phone while driving.  The statistics are mind blowing. Improper usage of a mobile device while driving has reached epidemic proportions. DriveID from AOS is the only accurate, reliable and enforceable distracted driving solution available – period.

  • Supports Apple iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Brew and Microsoft Windows Mobile
  • Can be configured to enforce policy only on driver, leaving passengers free to use their mobile phones (devices)



Simple…Set it and Forget it

It’s as easy as 1-2-3. DriveID’s plug and protect setup takes less than three minutes to have DriveID up and running.

  • No tools required, simply place in the vehicle and begin protecting
  • You receive everything you need in the box to protect your teen – instantly
  • Nothing to turn on, Nothing to turn off – once installed it simply works

Click here to read a recent CONSUMER REPORTS review of the  DriveID solution – “DriveID stops drivers from texting and using phones”. 


Accuracy…That’s on Track


DriveID simply works. It’s reliable and steady.  Because DriveID accesses the car’s driving metrics, it works even at speeds as slow as 1 mph.

  • The vehicle tells us instantly when in motion and we begin protecting.
  • Regardless of vehicle location, wireless access, or GPS availability – DriveID works.
  • Customizable, you determine how the phone is to be used when the vehicle is in motion
  • Flexible, you can adjust settings to allow for specific applications like navigation and music – vary your policies from most restrictive to most permissive based on your teen’s needs.

Security…For Down the Road

Reliable protection for your family, for years to come. It’s not about tracking where your teen is – it’s about making sure they are getting to and from those locations safely, in a non-distracted manner.

  • “Always On” Technology. No buttons to push or applications to start, DriveID is always ready to protect your most valuable assets – your family.
  • Reliable activity monitoring and system generated reports are automatically sent to you, via email / text, keeping you in touch with what is going on in the vehicle
  • Enforceable, helping your teen make the right choice and giving them the freedom to say “no” to texting and driving.
  • Teens are crafty, and technology savvy – so we built our product to be tamper resistant

TodayShow2013Today Show! Tech expert Katie Linendoll said – “Never have seen technology like this before”, “pretty crazy technology”

Personalized…Backseat Driving from the Couch


Control what your teen can and cannot use while driving.  A fully customizable web portal lets you see mileage, speed and usage. Anytime. Anywhere.

  • Customize the end user experience to meet your family needs.
  • You decide how the phone is used calls, no calls, only calls through hands free.  You even get to choose what applications are accessible (navigation, music, etc…).
  • Get reports delivered to you via email or text.
  • Review usage
  • Change policies