Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Removing non-core responsibilities from your day-to-day so that your organization can focus on profitable growth.BPO2-1024x799

When it comes to running your business, your best return comes from employees and processes that focus mindshare on forward facing organizational goals. Many of the typical day to day processes and employee workloads that creep into your organization are non-core and can be entrusted with better ROI and requirement for constant oversight in to partnerships with organizations like AOS.  Our efficiencies enable you and your people focus on profitability & growth and not the mundane and time-sapping back-office anchors that keep organizations from progressing.

Here are some examples of the advanced business processes that our clients have partnered with us at AOS to manage on their behalf from our care centre in Grimsby, Ontario:

  • First level helpdesk support for I.T. organizations, directly supporting their customers for tier 1 troubleshooting
  • Project management for I.T. & service organizations
  • Dispatch & schedule management for I.T. & service organizations
  • Purchasing & procurement responsibilities for organizations of all types
  • Invoicing, collections, payment processing & general accounts receivable management for organizations of all types

The BPO conversation is highly personal, requires deep trusted dialogue and all solutions are custom fit based on the goals that your organization currently has in front of them. If you would like to explore the concept and let us show you where AOS can alleviate some of your headaches, or if you have some very specific pain points or bottlenecks you need cleared off your plate, then let us know and we will carry the conversation towards more profitable bottom lines for you and more pleasant days for your people.

E-mail harry.erskine@aosgroup.ca or dave.shaw@aosgroup.ca to arrange an informal discussion on how you should approach the potential for BPO’s and your organization today.